Helping healthcare organizations develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of uncertainty, change, emerging cultural norms, workplace structures, physician health and more.

Overcome the challenges of modern leadership.

It has never been more challenging to be a healthcare leader. Not only do you have to handle the disruption brought about by the pandemic. You also have to address ongoing and chronic issues that have surfaced, including uncertainty, large-scale change, changing cultural norms, new workplace structures, physician health, and more.

My presentations help you and your group, team, or organization address the challenges of your unique working environment in greater depth. And allow you to participate in interactive learning-based programs and presentations designed to increase engagement, understanding, and management of ongoing issues at the personal, group, and system level.

Find clarity

Update your leadership strategy and skills to help you succeed in the current healthcare system.


Integrate experiential learning with actions that keep your organization focused and aligned for success.

Influence insight

Become a thought leader in the area most important to you, influence others and gain leadership insights.

Topics I speak about.

Here are some of the topics I currently cover in my presentations, tailored to your individual needs.

Leading Through Uncertainty/Coaching Through Uncertainty

Discover how respecting and valuing differences can result in a more productive team.

From Either/Or to Both/And: The Value of Polarities

Hear how creating equal opportunities can prevent discrimination and build stronger teams.

Is it Imposter Syndrome or Something Else?

Learn how embracing hybrid working can boost workplace morale and productivity.

On the Job Trauma as a Predictor of Burnout

Realize how much burnout can affect the physical and mental health of you and your staff.


Your most frequent questions answered.

What type of presentations do you do?
I provide everything from continuing education presentations to creating and implementing educational series. For a topic list of recent programs, click here.
Do you have specific programs and presentations you repeat for different clients, or is each presentation new?

Though I may speak on or present on similar topics, each presentation is developed to meet the individual needs of the client.

What size are the groups you speak and present to?
No size limit, large or small.

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

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