Coach Supervision

Helping experienced coaches expand confidence and coaching mastery so that they can facilitate greater depth of change for their clients.

Make a greater impact in your own life

As an experienced coach, you don’t need me to tell you the joy of helping clients create positive change. But while you are helping them, are you taking care of yourself?

Working with me allows you to focus on the challenges facing you as a coach and your clients as customers. Clarify your vision and uncover blindspots that can negatively affect your coaching effectiveness and success. Look at internal, external, and systemic issues to get to the heart of challenges. And develop new perspectives and approaches to your coaching that maximize healthy change.

All of which will boost your confidence and give you greater mastery as a coach.

Find clarity

Become a master in your field by clarifying your vision as a coach by exploring the multi-faceted challenges your clients face.

Implement goals

Work toward your professional goals as you also find new ways to help your clients achieve their goals.


Become a more effective coach by developing awareness of what motivates and paralyzes clients and how to break through these obstacles.


Your most frequent questions answered.

How does coaching supervision work?
We contract for several sessions over a specified period. In each 60-90 minute session, we explore a challenge you have in coaching or an opportunity you would like to explore. Supervision is less about getting to an action step and more about understanding yourself more deeply, exploring the things that propel you forward and the things that may derail you as a coach.
Who pays for coaching supervision?
Clients generally pay for their own supervision. However, some organizations that require supervision for their coaches may pay for it.
What can I expect?
If you choose one-on-one supervision, we will begin with establishing your vision for your best coaching self. From there, we explore opportunities, challenges, and anything else related to your coaching practice or career that you would like to explore, resolve, understand or change.

If you choose group supervision, you have the opportunity to learn from other coaches’ experiences as well as your own.

Is it confidential?

Yes, supervision is confidential to the extent permitted by law. Group supervision is confidential upon the agreement of all participating individuals.

What people say

“When I was looking for a coaching supervisor to give me guidance in my own practice, I immediately thought of Barrett. As a coach supervisor, she continued to exude acceptance and warmth. She helped me with the coaching challenges I brought to each session. And her advice was excellent, not only for that particular situation, but it also improved my coaching skills in general.”
Alexandra Paul, Alexandra Paul Wellness Coaching

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

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