Coach Training

Supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals as they learn the key concepts needed to contribute to the development and well-being of the people they lead, their leaders, teams, peers, patients, and themselves.

Rediscover your energy and motivation

Physicians and other healthcare leaders are expected to have all of the answers. But even the best leaders need support to help them contribute to the ongoing health and wellbeing of their peers, staff, and patients.

I help physicians and other leaders rediscover their energy and motivation to lead, collaborate, and create healthy workplace cultures through coach training. Healthy cultures invite innovation and an engagement that results in the best care and support for clients, patients, and others within their organization.

Find clarity

Redefine your approach and learn how to support your clients, peers, and patients.

Implement goals

Engage with your peers, staff, and patients to help them prioritize their well-being.

Influence change

Invest in a dynamic coach training program that changes how you view the world.


Your most frequent questions answered.

How does coach training work?

I am on the faculty of an international coach training organization that takes an evidence-based approach to coach training. We train physicians who want to bring coaching skills to patient interactions. We train physicians to effectively coach peers and other colleagues facing career, interpersonal and burnout challenges. I also provide ongoing individual and group coach training beyond initial certification to help coaches develop greater depth of mastery for the complex challenges their clients bring.

How long does coach training take?

The program for which I have been a faculty member for more than a decade provides multiple options, depending on your goals and how you like to learn. It can be as short as 4 days for core coach training or as long as a year to achieve full certification. Advanced coach training is ongoing.

Who we are is how we coach

What people say

“Barrett exceeded my expectations. She had a sound approach and helped me stay focused vs. working on all competencies simultaneously. Step by step, I saw progress. It was an enjoyable yet challenging experience. I highly recommend her for her process, encouragement, detailed feedback, knowledge, and depth.”
Susan Shapiro, Executive Leadership Coach

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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