Coaching healthcare leaders

All healthcare professionals are united
by the desire to make things better.

You want to improve outcomes for your patients, your team, and your workplace. And as intelligent and highly-trained professionals, you can usually see what needs to be done to achieve next-level care and performance.

But it’s not enough to know what needs to be done. If you want to affect real change, you need to convince stakeholders with differing agendas to see your vision, fund your concept, and bring the presence and skills that make it happen.

That’s not something they teach in medical school. This is why I help individual physician leaders, leadership teams, and organizations across the healthcare industry develop the capabilities and expand the awareness needed to really make things better.


Strengthen your leadership capabilities, so you can influence change, bring peers together more cohesively,  and manage the stress inherent in your role.


Tackle complex challenges, address culture change and create opportunities for the organization and your career.


Establish effective leadership by developing a shared vision, establishing communication and decision-making, promoting communication, and a culture of teamwork built upon mutual respect.


Strengthen your coaching practice and build your business. And, if you are a physician coach, coach your peers to avoid burnout, find the right career path, and other challenges.

Create powerful transformation for yourself, your team, your patients, and your organization.

My name is Barrett McBride, and I specialize in helping healthcare leaders live their purpose and achieve the vision they have for their career and life.  

With over 20 years of experience, I understand the pressures that healthcare leaders face. I’ve used that experience to develop a simple yet powerful framework that helps individual leaders and leadership teams build  strategic  vision for what they want to achieve with the structure and support to bring vision to reality. 

If you’re serious about making things better, I’m serious about helping you do it.

A few of the ways we can work together.


Partnering with physician leaders to help them build strong leadership capabilities, improve engagement, and expand self-awareness to help them succeed with unique industry challenges.

Coach Training

Supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals as they learn the key concepts needed to contribute to the development and well-being of the people they lead, their leaders, teams, peers, patients, and themselves.


Helping experienced coaches expand their confidence and coaching mastery to facilitate a greater depth of change for their clients and depth of learning for themselves.


Guiding leaders and leadership teams with innovative tools and approaches to better address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry.


Supporting individuals and teams to get to the heart of workplace conflicts before they escalate; and facilitate resolution of complex and ongoing conflicts.


Helping healthcare organizations develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of uncertainty, change, emerging cultural norms, workplace structures, physician health, and more.

What people are saying.

“Barrett’s coaching has accelerated my growth as a leader.”

Rich Balzer, Senior VP, Vaniam Group

“I’m finding meaning and purpose again, and my stress level is way down.”

Peter Grinspoon, MD Primary Care Physician

“Barrett helps you form an actionable plan to succeed.
She is a master of her craft!”

N.L, Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology, Academic Medical Center

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

T: 9164565855


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