Grow your coaching practice and coach clients seeking to lead change and innovation more effectively, expand their careers, avoid burnout, find work/life balance, and address other complex career challenges.

Expand your mastery and grow your business.

As a coach, you are expected to effortlessly guide your clients to the perfect solution for every challenge. The reality is much different. Many coaches lack the confidence or experience to unravel complex client issues, sometimes unaware of how their blind spots influence their coaching. This can lead to a focus on the coach’s agenda rather than the client’s agenda, often with disappointing outcomes.

I provide a safe space for coaches to air their doubts and issues, expand their mastery and grow their coaching practice without burning out.

Clarify your vision

Get clarity on your strategic vision and develop actions to achieve it.


Learn new skills, develop new approaches to helping clients or peers you coach achieve their goals.


Help clients increase their self-awareness, awareness of others, and effectiveness of important achievements.

Clarify your vision and help others influence change.

Here is how I support coaches:


From the basics to advanced coaching practices, discover who you are as a coach and learn the keys to facilitating deep and lasting changes for clients.


Explore challenging engagements, coach from your strengths, uncover blind spots holding you back, learn next-level coaching skills and build your practice.


A safe space to explore the challenges and opportunities for coaches who coach groups and for coaches seeking a peer learning opportunity.

What people say

“When I was looking for a coaching supervisor to give me guidance in my own practice, I immediately thought of Barrett. As a coach supervisor, she continued to exude acceptance and warmth. She helped me with the coaching challenges I brought to each session. And her advice was excellent, not only for that particular situation, but it also improved my coaching skills in general.”

Alexandra Paul, Alexandra Paul Wellness Coaching

“Astute without being critical. Focused without losing sight. Empathetic but still getting me to hold myself accountable. Insightful without having all the answers. I felt like I had a true advocate in Barrett.”

Jane Harrington, Coaching By Design

“Barrett exceeded my expectations. She had a sound approach and helped me stay focused vs. working on all competencies simultaneously. Step by step, I saw progress. It was an enjoyable yet challenging experience. I highly recommend her for her process, encouragement, detailed feedback, knowledge, and depth.”

Susan Shapiro, Executive Leadership Coach

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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