Healthcare Organization Leaders

Tackle complex challenges, address culture change and create opportunities for the organization and your career.

Create exciting opportunities for you and your organization

Transitioning to a senior leadership role is exciting, but it comes with a whole new set of pressures. Not only do you have to convince your peers of your capabilities and reframe your expertise. You also have to make complex decisions and implement cultural changes while negotiating with other units and handling the resistance and conflicts these changes can cause.

All of which stop you from creating new, exciting opportunities for yourself and your organization.

Clarify your vision

Get clarity on your strategic vision and develop actions to achieve it.

Resolve issues

Effectively manage conflict and reduce personal and external tensions.

Influence change

Unite others behind your goals and influence systemic change.

Clarify your vision and start influencing change.

Here is how I support healthcare organization leaders:


Partnering with physician leaders to help them build strong leadership capabilities, improve engagement, and expand self-awareness to help them succeed with unique industry challenges.


Guiding leaders and leadership teams with innovative tools and approaches to better address the unique challenges in the healthcare profession.


Supporting individuals and teams to get to the heart of workplace conflicts and resolve them before they escalate.


Helping healthcare organizations develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of uncertainty, change, emerging cultural norms, workplace structures, physician health, and more.

What people say

“One of the most striking things I noticed working with Barrett was I felt more capable and more prepared to make decisions than my experience would otherwise indicate. And I feel I learned much more from each new experience than I had previously. Barrett’s coaching has accelerated my growth as a leader.”

Rich Balzer, Senior VP, Vaniam Group

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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