Guiding leaders and leadership teams with innovative tools and approaches to help them better address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry.

To be a great leader, you need a proven framework.

Many physician leaders have little to no advanced leadership training. And as they take on more complex leadership roles, they need the kind of progressive thinking that helps them move beyond the challenges of inconsistent communication, unconscious behaviors, and opaque decision-making.

Working  with me will help you  develop greater strategic insight to apply productive approaches for leading, influencing, and partnering with others. This drives you toward your vision in a creative and inclusive environment that calls on you to bring your best and engages others to bring theirs.

Find clarity

Discover greater strategic insight with tools that help you gain clarity and enhance engagement.

Implement goals

Foster lasting change with initiatives that foster solutions for managing inherent workplace tensions.

Influence change

Create safe spaces for people to discuss their thoughts and differences to create greater understanding.


Your most frequent questions answered.

What areas do you consult in?

The areas I consult in include Leader Effectiveness, Organization Development, Team Effectiveness, Organization Design, Strategic Planning, Change Initiation, Management, Overcoming Resistance, Conflict Management, Development of Coaching Programs, and Leadership Development Programs.

How does your consulting practice work?
We meet for an hour at no charge to discuss your goals. If we decide to proceed, I prepare a proposal, including a Statement of Work. If we agree to move forward, we sign a contract of mutually agreeable terms and begin the engagement.

What people say

“Through the hardest 9 months of a burgeoning career, Barrett has served as a coach and trusted consultant. But even while providing necessary support, she silently and simultaneously championed me to articulate and actuate life and career goals, stepping out of my comfort zone in ways I never thought possible. Barrett helps you form a concrete, actionable plan to lead and to succeed.”

N.L., MD Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology Academic Medical Center

“When I was looking for a coaching supervisor to give me guidance in my own practice, I immediately thought of Barrett. As a coach supervisor, she continued to exude acceptance and warmth. She helped me with the coaching challenges I brought to each session. And her advice was excellent, not only for that particular situation, but it also improved my coaching skills in general.”
Alexandra Paul, Alexandra Paul Wellness Coaching

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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