Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Supporting individuals and teams to get to the heart of workplace conflicts and resolve them before they escalate.

Make your workplace a better place to be

When conflict between individuals or teams escalates, everyone is affected. The result can be a toxic work environment that creates stress and hinders progress. Often, mediation or conflict resolution are the only ways forward.

By working with me, leaders and leadership teams  learn the value of conflict and effective ways of facing and addressing conflict, so you can get to the heart of the matter and develop resolutions that improve the culture you work in and the outcomes you seek.

Find clarity

Learn to address conflicts to keep them from escalating into something bigger.

Implement goals

Get to the heart of toxic conflicts and resolve them amicably.

Influence change

Develop new norms of behavior that include a process for addressing future conflicts.


Your most frequent questions answered.

How does mediation differ from conflict resolution?
Mediation is a specific, formal approach to conflict resolution. In my practice, mediation involves two individuals in conflict. Broader conflict resolution between groups of people starts with a conflict diagnostic assessment. The outcome of the assessment determines the next steps.
What is the cost of mediation?

Each case is different. The cost includes pre-mediation interviews, research, and engaging with the parties individually and together over several sessions, which are difficult to pre-determine.

When nothing is certain, everything is possible

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

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