Partnering with physician leaders to help them build strong leadership capabilities, improve engagement, and expand self-awareness to help them succeed with unique industry challenges.

Adapt to uncertainty in the healthcare industry

The coronavirus pandemic proved how quickly the healthcare industry adapts and changes to new challenges. But with change comes uncertainty that can breed resistance, not only from patients but from peers, leadership teams, and staff.

I help healthcare leaders learn how to engage more effectively to build team effectiveness. Discover new tools and ways of working. Gain greater self-awareness and master new behaviors that better serve your department, team, patients, and the organization as a whole.

Find clarity

Take your leadership to the next level with new tools to deal with challenges and build effective teams.

Take action

Uncover hidden opportunities to create successful and sustainable long-term change.

Influence change

Gain greater self-awareness, recognize your blind spots, and develop new leadership behaviors.


Your most frequent questions answered.

Who pays for coaching?
I primarily contract with organizations to provide coaching services to their leaders and leadership teams. I am also happy to contract directly with clients.
What can I expect from coaching?
You can expect to have a partner to help you outline how you would like to grow and what you would like to achieve, so you can establish action steps to reach your goal(s) and find ways to overcome any obstacles that interfere with your achievement. The underlying work of coaching is to help you develop greater self-awareness, learn what motivates you, and ensure you have a sense of self-efficacy toward all you want to accomplish.
Is coaching confidential?
Coaching sessions are confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Dwell in Possibility

Emily Dickinson

What people say

“Barrett is a skilled listener, keen observer, and understands how human psychology works. This, combined with her business acumen, is the magic combination that makes Barrett’s style so priceless as an executive coach.”

Tianne Tran, Vice President, Mirati Therapeutics

“Barrett strikes the right balance between creating a comfortable space to share doubts and triumphs while pushing her clients to see where and why they may be resistant to change to continue to mature as a leader. I am a stronger leader as a result of the coaching I received from Barrett.”

J. David Furlow, Ph.D., Professor of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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