Leadership Teams

Establish effective leadership by promoting communication and a culture of teamwork built upon mutual respect.

Bring individuals together to create a purposeful team.

Creating a cohesive team that works together is hard because every leader has their own agenda, in addition to the organization’s larger agenda. And without a unifying leader to guide them, you’ll find they often act as a group of individuals, leading their own team and blaming each other for mistakes rather than addressing challenges as a team.

By working with me, you’ll learn how to incentivize collaboration and cohesion while honoring the autonomy of each leader and unit to focus on achieving new possibilities and solving problems together.

Clarify your vision

Get clarity on your strategic vision and collaborate with your leadership team to develop a roadmap for achievement.

Resolve issues

Effectively manage inter-team and inter-team conflict to maximize positive outcomes and reduce team and personal tensions.

Influence change

Unite your leadership team behind your vision as champions for change.

Clarify your vision and start influencing change.

Here is how I support leadership teams:


Partnering with physician leaders to help them build strong leadership capabilities, improve engagement, and expand self-awareness to help them succeed with unique industry challenges.


Guiding leadership teams with innovative tools and approaches to addressing better the unique challenges of leadership teams in healthcare today.


Supporting individual leaders and leadership teams to get to the heart of workplace conflicts so that they can resolve them before they escalate.


Helping healthcare organizations develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of uncertainty, change, emerging cultural norms, workplace structures, physician health, and more.

What people say

“Through the hardest nine months of a burgeoning career, Barrett has served as a coach and trusted consultant. But even while providing necessary support, Barrett is silently and simultaneously championing me to articulate and actuate life and career goals, stepping out of my comfort zone in ways I never thought possible.”

Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology, Academic Medical Center

“Barrett helped me address each of the things I was dealing with, and now I am coping with them much more effectively. I am finding meaning and purpose again, my relationships have improved, and my stress level is way down. Also, Barrett has such an engaging personality, she is really fun to work with.”

Peter Grinspoon, MD, Primary Care Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital

Even the biggest transformations begin with a decision to take action.

Barrett McBride

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